Fathers Day: Use Your Powers for Good

Use Your Powers for Good

Father’s Day is the special day each year when dads are acknowledged for the amazing role they play in the lives of their growing children. No one else can play the role quite as well. It comes with great rewards – and great responsibility.

Don’t just be the doughnut dad

Modern media paints a sad picture of dads of today. They’re usually portrayed as slightly goofy “fun guys”, with little conscious regard for the health and safety of their kids. These are the people who take their kids to the movies instead of making sure the homework is done. They’re the ones who buy pizza for supper and think doughnuts make a great breakfast.

Don’t be that dad.

As Anne Geddes so wisely states, ‘Any man can be a father, but it takes a special someone to be a dad.’

Teach Balance

Let’s use the example above. Doughnuts are delicious, and they make excellent treats. But they’re not the best choice for a healthy, balanced breakfast. Dads have the opportunity to teach their kids about balance: having the healthy food AND the fun food.

They can teach their kids to take responsibility for their own health by helping them to understand the implications of the choices they make.When we unreasonably withhold treats of every kind from our children, we don’t teach them balance. All we do is make them frustrated … and possibly even prone to sneaking those off-limits snacks when nobody’s watching. This is the opposite of what we want to teach them.On the other hand, if we show them the value balancing healthy food and sweet treats, we allow them to develop the self-control and maturity they need to be balanced adults who think for themselves.

Educate Yourself

The easiest way to educate our kids about these healthy choices, is to understand the options as thoroughly as possible. We can only achieve this by educating ourselves.Knowing what effect the foods we eat have on our bodies will help us to explain that to our kids with confidence. We can show them that, while we may savour the doughnut as a treat, we must remember to balance that out with a healthy meal, packed with fruits and vegetables.

Model Healthy Habits

Most of all, dads need to practise what they preach. For one thing, making healthy lifestyle choices a part of your life will give you a long, healthy, happy life, and make it possible to enjoy as much time with your kids as possible.

What’s more: children learn best by watching what you DO, not listening to what you SAY. If you live a healthy, balanced, active life, they’re more likely you copy you and do the same.

Happy Fathers Day, dads! You’re doing a great job, and we hope our tips will support you in your relationship with your kids. Have fun with them on this special day – you deserve it.

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